Gantic Removals

A small family owned and run removal business
We have a number of trucks ranging in sizes. Meaning we can provide service on the smallest on off item, to a large home or office removal.
Offering local and interstate removal services
We take pride in the complete service we provide, starting with the pre-packing stage following through to the to delivery and un-packing stage.
We make it a priority to build a relationship with our customers to ensure they feel comfortable and confident in their moving process and the service we provide.
With experience in working with house staging services, we are skilled in working with large and unusual shaped furniture. With the regular moving and re-moving of these item


We Take Pride

In the complete service we are able to provide!

Full Service

From the Pre Packing stage all of the way through to final delivery.


We have and are able to deal with the most difficult pieces of Furniture and Equipment


We have a full range of Vehicles, dependent on the circumstances involved.

Safety and Security

There is nothing worse when going through a removal to see removalsits who don’t care for your property in the same way as you would.

We offer the peace of mind in that we treat every one of your belongings as if it were our own, from the removal to the loading to unloading and placement, every care and attention to detail is undertaken by our highly skilled staff.

We are more than happy to consult with the owner on any difficult piece of furniture or equipment to avoid any unsuspected accidents. Metres ($150 P/hour – 3 hour min – 2 man team) this truck is ideal for larger office & interstate moves or other jobs as required.